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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - service questions

1. Send us an inquiry
2. We will send you our current offer
3. In case of interest we'll ask you to confirm
4. We'll provide a set according to your order
5. Upon reclaim and inspection of the equipment, we'll send you an invoice.
For large events we recommend booking several weeks in advance, for one-day rentals we can respond quickly even 1 day before the event, but our recommendation is about 1 week.
The price of rental and purchase of audio solutions are individual, depending on the type of solution, availability of goods and the current workload, after sending a specific request we will be happy to give you a specific price.
After testing the audio equipment in live operation as a rental, we'll deduct the rental price from the purchase price of the audio set.
Within the historical city centre of Prague - 149,- CZK, outside the historical city centre of Prague - 199,- CZK, anywhere in the Czech Republic - 875,- CZK, outside the Czech Republic individual rates apply, please inquire.
For clients who are not interested in testing by renting audio equipment, we offer a Test Set service, which means sending the client several receivers, a transmitter and the necessary accessories to test everything in real operation. To provide the service, we'll need the following information: your ID number, european VAT number, company name and address, contact person and his/her phone number and e-mail, we'll contact you as soon as possible regarding the further procedure.
In production facilities, in tourism, while riding, or during conferences or in places where there is no sound system. This is described in more detail here.
After connecting the equipment according to our recommendations, in case of technical problems, replace the accessories or the equipment itself with spare ones, which are always included in the delivery. If the problem persists, call our hotline: +420-777-772-094, we'll be happy to advise you.
In cash, by card to courier, by bank transfer in CZK or EUR.

FAQ - technical questions

It is based on traditional and proven radio wave technology. There is currently no better technology for transmitting the spoken word and audio recordings over greater distances.
The great advantage of our systems is that you can move from inside to outside and perhaps back again.

Depending on the type of device, this is a range of 50-250m. However, our principle is that we provide you with the technology with the greatest range on the market.

All operating devices have a minimum all-day endurance - at least 10-11 hours - when following our recommendations.
Our business model is to operate the lightest audios on the market, ranging from personal approx. 35g to 5kg mobile PA systems.
Yes, 99%, as long as the client follows our recommendations in the user guides.

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