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Frog audio is out brand name and at the same time it is a very light and miniature device for audience comfortable listening or entrepreneur. With Frog audio, listeners do not miss any word of speech from entrepreneur and there is a possibility to walk around - approximate range is 120m.

tour guide system small size

Audio systems are used by travel agencies / tour operators, organizators who are providing conferences/ meetings, interpreting agency, tours around the factories, river or sea cruises operators, scooter and bikes rental providers and many others.

The signal goes from transmitter (entrepreneur) to receivers (listeners) via radio waves. There is no need for speaker to speak loudly so listener can hear the speech perfectly, even if entrepreneur will be some meters away.

tour guide system working

The coverage is up to 160 meters, but at such distance we do not recommend to walk away due to the fact that above this distance the signal may be not perfect. listening is not perfect.

tour guide system rangetour guide system range 2

Frogaudio is 100% reliable. For the smooth operation you only need to observe a few simple recommendation. Firstly, there is a reliable signal between transmitter and receiver (check the previous question). Another thing is the battery life of the receiver: at a time when it is not in use - it should be switched off. If the transmitter is switched off, the receivers are still searching for a signal. It is the same as a cell phone: If your phone shows "no signal", it discharges more faster. The last thing, for having qualitative listening the weather conditions should be taken into consideration, especially wind and rain. Regarding wind, the guide must hide the microphone under the vest / jacket / coat, since it is an electronic device, malfunction will appear when it will be contact with water.

The rent price of audio equipment can differ. It depends on: the length of the lease, the number of leased equipment, location of customers and other factors. To know the price, please contact us through our hotline: +420777772094, e-mail: info@tourguidesystem.cz or via the inquiry form in the Contact section.

Don't make MISTAKES while using Frogaudio equipment

Our audio equipment is always working properly when the communicator will take in mind few simple rules:

EP connector till the end

Headphone connector must be plugged in till the end

Mic connector till the end

Microphone connector must be plugged till the end

Frost influence on devices

Even strong frost does not affect on Frogaudio devices

Windy weather

Device and mic should be covered during strong wind

Rain showers

To avoid disorders, the device should be hidden under clothes during the rain

Interference from other signals

It is necessary to move away from the object that interferes with audio devices (eg. a police car).

Our clients

Our satisfied customers include tour operators, travel agencies, MICE, interpreting agencies, schools and many others. Here are just some of them (complete list on request):


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  • JHV engeeniring-tour guide system client JHV engeeniring
  • Kuoni-tour guide system client Kuoni
  • Dopravní podnik-tour guide system client Dopravní podnik
  • Martin tour-tour guide system client Martin tour
  • Ipsos-tour guide system client Ipsos
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