doručení přístrojů kurýrní službou

Delivery company*

Frogaudio delivery uses courier services which can be made if our customer needs to receive the order "in hands", but this option does not include training and introduction of our product during and after the event. *Equipement is mostly used by clients who are far (eg. foreign countries).

doručení přístrojů interním kurýrem

Frogaudio courier

We are delivering sets for events mainly through our Frogaudio couriers in the shortest possible time. There is also short explanation about Frogaudio equipement usage provided by couriers. They will explain to responsible person or guide how to properly handle the devices, for example - how to avoid possible noises (phone interference, LTE and other signals, massive physical barriers, etc.). They will be available anytime if help will be needed. There is no limit for quantity of sets delivered by our couriers.

Coverage and Frogaudio delivery fees (prices without 21% VAT)

Prague (Frogaudio courier) - delivery and pick-up for only 2€ (minimal order - 40€) “immediately”
Czech Republic (Frogaudio courier) - 0,4€ / 1 km (minimal order - 40€) “today”
Czech Republic (delivery company) - 30€ / event / set “tomorrow”
Delivery outside Czech Republic - “on request”